"Democracy does not merely mean electing your representatives once in five years,
and then pleading with them for the next five years for your basic needs and rights"

  Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister,
Govt of NCT of Delhi


To Empower Aam Aadmi ‒ the Common Man

Hamarey Mohalley Mein Hum Sarkar
Our Mohalla. Our Money. And We Decide.
  • Each Assembly Constituency of Delhi has been divided into 40-50 Mohallas. An open meeting of the voters of a Mohalla will be called 'Mohalla Sabha’
  • Through Mohalla meetings (Mohalla Sabhas), citizens can propose, discuss and decide to carry out basic or urgent works for the development of their own mohalla. Each Mohalla will get funds under the Citizen Local Area Development (Citizen-LAD) scheme to carry out these works
  • Even the selection of contractors for small works will be done directly on the orders of the Mohalla Sabha. And in case the work is not done satisfactorily, Mohalla Sabha can decide to stop the payment of the contractor as well.
  • Issues that cannot be resolved through the Mohalla’s Citizen-LAD funds will be forwarded to the concerned department officials through a mobile app. Officials will be required to resolve these “mohalla grievances” within a fixed deadline, failing which a complaint against them will be automatically sent to the Chief Minister's Office for further action.
  • Mohalla Sabhas will also be able to take decisions on government schemes such as pensions, BPL cards, domicile certificates etc.
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